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What to do after you’ve invested in a website

What to do after you’ve invested in a website
Author: Alicia Gartrell - Strategic Content Coordinator
Written On: September 15, 2017
Category: Web Development

You did it. You’ve made the plunge and have purchased a website. Your marketing message is on-point and you’re eager to get new leads and convert more sales. But what happens once the new car smell wears off and you realize that it isn’t producing the results that you had hoped for?

You’re not alone. In fact, according to a survey conducted by, only 40 percent of businesses are satisfied with their website. Which means that a sweeping 60 percent feel their digital presence is lacking. But is it really your website’s fault? If you purchased a new oven, you wouldn’t expect it to start preparing meals on its own, would you?

Here are four simple ways to drive traffic and make the most of your investment:

1. Enlist in a local search service

Finding your site may be like a not-so-fun game of “Where’s Waldo?” It’s hard to expect waves of visitors if it can’t be found. Partner with a company that offers local search services. It will not only sync great content and correct information with credible listing sites, but also help search engines, like Google, trust your site and customers find you more easily.

2. Post engaging content

If you’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it a million times more. Content is king. Good content such as blogs, videos and photography sets your business apart and makes you appear more credible. Content also engages your visitors, giving them a reason to stick around and come back to your website in the future. Added bonus - videos posted to your website from YouTube will also help your business rank higher in Google search results.

3. Push your site on social media

Push content from your website to your social media. By sharing the physical website link of content in your social media post, when clicked, viewers will be taken to your website. This will steer your audience away from the noise of other’s social media posts so they can focus solely on your content. Sharing links that people click through to also helps your post be seen on Facebook since one of their algorithm factors ranks posts by how much users interact with them.

4. Place your website address on marketing materials

Place your website address on all print and promotional items. By including your website address on items such as stationary, pens and business cards, your website will remain top-of-mind. If you have more room to play with, include some sort of call-to-action and incentive to visit your website. Placing “Visit our website for upcoming deals and giveaways” on table tents or flyers may be the extra nudge your audience needs to seek out your site.

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