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Three important branding milestones

Three important branding milestones
Author: Alicia Gartrell - Strategic Content Coordinator
Written On: April 3, 2019
Category: Branding

Milestones. Every brand has the potential to reach them, however, very few do. And, no, once they’re reached you won’t be receiving a cute milestone sticker on your belly. We’re talking about the thresholds to your brand’s legacy, here. There are three landmarks that every successful brand reaches:



Level 1: Brand awareness – consumers know who you are

Brand awareness is the first step to your business becoming a recognized market stakeholder. In this phase, the audience recognizes the content that your business puts out and the services or products your business offers. In short, consumers know who you are and what you offer.


Brand awareness example: Consumers are aware that Kleenex sells tissues.

How do you reach brand awareness?

Create content and in all things, communicate who you are and what you do until it “sticks” to the consumers’ mind.


Level 2: Brand trust – consumers recognize the value

Businesses that progress beyond awareness, rely on conveying the trust of their brand through content. Once a business reaches this point, you are positioned as a brand that not only people recognize, but one that people recognize as offering value and reliability.

Brand trust example: Consumers recognize Huggies as a brand that sells diapers (level 1), but they also can count on Huggies diapers to keep their little one dry throughout the day (level 2).

How do you reach Brand trust?

Create campaigns that communicate your brand’s promise and above everything else, fulfill that promise.


Level 3: Brand storytelling – consumers can connect on an emotional level

Brand storytelling is the peak stage of branding. Storytelling promotes your brand’s legacy and conveys a narrative that engages your brand with the company on an emotional level.


Brand storytelling example:  Consumers recognize that Folger’s as coffee (level 1) and that you can rely on it to provide a good cup of coffee at a reasonable price (level 2), but there is also an emotional connection and storytelling of families bonding over it and the nostalgia of waking up to the smell of it in the morning (level 3).

How do you reach brand storytelling?

Create campaigns to tell your story or a consumers’ story. Communicate your brand’s story, like how your company started from its humble beginnings, or perhaps paint a picture of how your product or service can fit into your consumer’s lives – anything that is relatable and makes your audience feel something for that emotional connection.


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