Reeling them in: What’s the payoff for an online marketing video?
Author: Sally Ladrach - Strategic Content Coordinator, Bluefoot
Written On: June 5, 2015
Category: Content Creation

Whether it’s a colorful product photo positioned on the pages of a printed weekly or a billboard on the side of the freeway featuring a giant burrito, there is power in imagery.

In the world of online imagery, the marketing video is aggressively gaining traction.

Online videos have captivated us, instructed us, and made us aware of happenings in all parts of the world. They establish a human connection like no other media outlet can, and savvy business owners are jumping on the online video bandwagon with both feet.

Aside from showing us how to rebuild a carburetor or color our hair without the assistance of a beautician, online videos for businesses are the marketing equivalent of handing a sales pitch to an interested client who wants to hear what you have to say but doesn’t want to work that hard to get the information.

More than 100 million Internet users watch online videos every day, and many of them are looking to buy your product or service. In fact, 90 percent of online shoppers say they find a video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. It stands to reason that retailers who provide online videos to describe their products sell more than those who don’t offer a video.

And the power of an online marketing video translates to other industries as well. Real estate listings with videos generate more inquiries than those without.

The bottom line is that if you’re not using online video marketing, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity to make higher profits. An online marketing video is your chance to engage with potential customers—then reel them in.

But marketing videos don’t have to be limited to the Internet alone. Most of our clients use video marketing in email blasts to captivate readers and drive click-throughs.

With an online marketing video, you’ve only got about 10 seconds to grab the attention of your audience and hold it, so creating compelling content is key. A sharp message and targeted presentation are the tickets to more market share—and more dollars in your hands. If you’re not a video marketer, you’re likely losing customers to those business owners who understand the power of this emerging digital direction.