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Posts with pizazz: try these social media post ideas

Posts with pizazz: try these social media post ideas
Author: Alicia Gartrell - Strategic Content Coordinator
Written On: June 21, 2018
Category: Marketing Strategy


Have you hit a social media slump? Maybe you feel you are reposting the same type of statuses and content over and over again. Here are some simple ideas to add a little pizazz to your social media efforts.


  • 1. Fan photo contest – By offering some sort of incentive, like a $10 gift card, encourage users to snap and share a photo of your product or service with a hashtag related to your business. This will get audience involved and generating content on your behalf for little cost to you. Added bonus, your business will be exposed to others that may not be following you.
  • 2. Share testimonials – Not quite sure what to do with all those great reviews you’ve been receiving on Yelp and Google? For some time, it has been customary to push these on your website, so why not share them on social media too? By creating a graphic template and inserting your latest and greatest review, you can spread the good news and motivate those who are on the fence about your product. Be sure to thank or include some sort of gratitude to the reviewer so that your post is not all about “ME.”
  • 3. Quotes and articles of interest – Share popular quotes and articles that others have generated. Something you feel would interest your followers. You’ll save time by not creating the content yourself, but still build the connection with your audience by choosing something that resonates with their interests.
  • 4. “Caption this” – Post funny or quirky photos and ask followers to caption them. This will give you another non-sale point of contact and viewers will appreciate the humor.
  • 5. Behind-the-scene posts – Get users excited for upcoming products, sales or events by posting behind-the-scene photos of new shipments or displays.
  • 6. Fill in the blank or vote status – People love weighing in on light-hearted subjects. By asking viewers to “fill in the blank” or vote for something simple as their favorite color or flavor, you will increase engagement while receiving feedback.
  • 7. Play up posts with graphics – Spice up the look of your statuses by making them into an image. Don’t have a program like Photoshop at your disposal? is a great online solution that is user-friendly and more importantly FREE!
  • 8. Staff introduction – Posting photos of your current staff or new staff member with a small bio is an easy way to connect on a personal level. When a consumer arrives at your business, they’ll already recognize a familiar face.
  • 9. Throwback photos – Has your business been well-established for some time? Take a stroll down memory lane and post an old photo. Photos that include outdated technology, style, or architecture are sure to intrigue followers.


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