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Making the millennial connection

Making the millennial connection
Author: Suzanne Moore - Director of Marketing, AloNovus Corp.
Written On: July 7, 2016
Category: Marketing Strategy

With $200 billion in annual buying power and another $30 billion slated to come their way through baby boomer inheritance transfer, millennials is the group every business is clamoring to engage with.

But it’s not easy.

Millennials like to feel connected to the businesses they buy from, but slick magazine ads and late-night infomercials just won’t cut it.

If your business is going to successfully connect with the hearts, minds and wallets of those born between 1982 and 2004, the time to turn your attention toward all things technology is right now — before your competition gets a leg up on you in the marketplace.

Social Media

Social media isn’t just about getting people to “like” your Facebook page anymore, especially when it comes to millennials. This group expects to interact with you through multiple social media outlets.

Do you tweet? Do you post to Instagram? Do you Pinterest? Do you know what these sites are — and how to use them?

In order to cultivate the loyalty of millennials, you’ve got to make sure your business is doing all that it can to reach out to them through social media. Be prepared to devote some manpower to cultivating your brand’s presence online. Properly executed, it’ll pay off big time.

App Me

There’s an app for that, and that…and even that! In fact, from vintage board games to tracking fitness goals, there’s an app that can manage information from just about any source.

And here’s the hook with millennials, they’re on two to three different tech devices throughout the day. When there’s new technology available, you can bet the millennials will be all over it. In order to keep your brand relevant and appealing to millennials, you need to be able to engage with them on various electronic platforms.

Developing an app for your business that works on different platforms, whether it makes shopping easier or keeps your millennial clients connected, is a smart long-term investment.

If They Build It…

Most companies are used to creating products and then putting them out to the masses for purchase. But millennials want to be a part of the creative process; helping to co-produce the products they ultimately buy.

If your business reaches out to millennials during the product development process, you’ll be more successful when it comes to launch time.

Survey your millennial customer base and let them lead you to what they want to buy, then make it for them.

They Like You, They Really Like You

As challenging as it may be to connect with millennials, the truth is they aren’t a fickle bunch. They stay loyal to the brands they decide to purchase, which means the sooner you build a relationship and deep connection with them the better off your company will be.

Connect with them on their terms, and they’ll buy from you today, tomorrow and well into the future.

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