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Local search and 5 ways your business can benefit from it

Local search and 5 ways your business can benefit from it
Author: Alicia Gartrell - Strategic Content Coordinator
Written On: April 6, 2018
Category: Online Reputation

What is local search?

Local search is the use of Internet search engines that allows a user to submit geographically constricted searches against a database of local business listings. In layman terms, when a potential consumer conducts an online search for a good or service, or specifically your business, local search is how they find you online.

What does this mean for your business?

Regardless of whether you are aware of it, your business could be listed on dozens of directories-or worse not listed at all. With directories abound, how can you be certain your correct information is being pulled in?

How to take control of your local search listings

Instead of blindly claiming your business listings on directories that you may think are important, it can be beneficial and less labor intensive to partner with a local search service provider. Local search services will ensure that your business is seen on all top directory sites and your brand image is on-point.

Five ways your business can benefit from local search services

  • 1. Accurate online presence

Having incorrect information such as phone, address or hours can be the biggest turn-off for a consumer. With myriad directories, you want to be sure your business’ information is correct and consistent across popular websites, maps and apps.

  • 2. Professional marketing content

By uploading professional images, strategic messaging and engaging video, you’ll not only position yourself as an expert, you’ll stand out against the competition.

  • 3. Analytics

Instead of pulling analytics from each individual listing, local search services will combine analytics from all listing sites, giving you clearer insights to your consumers and potential consumers.

  • 4. Boost your SEO

Duplicate listings, different addresses and phone numbers can sabotage your chances of ranking well. Consistent information across dozens of directories, will allow major search engines like Google trust your site and boost your SEO.

  • 5. Knowledge

Local search can be tricky. Partnering with a local search provider can alleviate the confusion and gives you a lifeline to an expert that can help you navigate and understand local search practices.

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