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Extending your audience through retargeting

Extending your audience through retargeting
Author: Alicia Gartrell - Strategic Content Coordinator
Written On: April 3, 2017
Category: Marketing Strategy

Have you ever looked up a product online, visit a totally different site later, and have an ad pop up suggesting products relating to your earlier search? That’s because the original site you visited re-targeted you. Web ad retargeting allows companies to filter their advertising efforts down to potential customers that already have an interest in their products or services. By pinpointing your efforts by search, visitors and context there is more of a chance to convert your marketing efforts into sales.

Targeting by Search

When targeting your clients based on the products or services they search, you are able to broaden your reach of those who may already be familiar with your products, but perhaps not your brand.


Picture this; Sarah is in need of a new pair of soccer cleats, she turns to Google and searches for “Women’s Soccer Cleats.” Later that day, she is on catching up on current events when, in the right-hand column, an ad for Nike’s latest soccer cleats appear. Sarah clicks on the advertisement and is redirected to where she purchases a pair of soccer cleats.

Targeting by Visitors

According to, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. So, what happens to that other 98% that have taken the time to peruse your website, but have moved on? That is where retargeting by visitors can be of assistance.


By utilizing retargeting by visitors, you are able to serve web ads on other websites to those who have already been to your site. By reengaging and enticing them to revisit your site, you can turn those acquaintances into customers.

Targeting by Context

You have insights into the habits and demographics of your customers. Who they are, what hobbies they have, where they visit online.



Targeting by context allows you to extend your reach based on the habits of your existing customers. If you are a car dealership targeting potential consumers for the latest Ford F-150, you may choose to place your ad on car review websites, automotive related websites, or even sports websites.

To find out more about how retargeting efforts by search, visitors, or context can extend your audience reach, contact Strategic Content Coordinator, Alicia Gartrell at 330-231-1921.  




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