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Setting the tone: Five steps to creating a “voice” for your business

Setting the tone: Five steps to creating a “voice” for your business
Author: Suzanne Moore - Director of Marketing, AloNovus Corp.
Written On: May 26, 2016
Category: Branding

It’s kind of like growing up. At a certain age we settle on a set of ideals for how we want to live. We develop a personal mantra, a credo — a tone of voice. That unique voice is what makes us distinctive and instantly recognizable by friends, family and acquaintances alike.

It’s the same for businesses. When a business “grows up” and decides it’s time to embrace a distinctive tone of voice — one that reflects loudly and clearly the values and characteristics the company wants to convey — that tone becomes instantly recognizable by customers and associates alike.

By harnessing the power of your business’ tone, you’ll tap into the deep well of trust with your audience. And as every successful company knows, trust is directly tied to profitability.

Here are the five key steps every business should take toward establishing a clear tone of voice:

1) Know your brand's DNA.

Identify your company's values — the qualities you and your colleagues hold dear and stick to, no matter what. They are the essence of “who” your business is, and they are the qualities you want to imply or expressly state in all of your communication and content.

2) Establish the characteristics for your business tone.

Once you’ve identified your company's values, determine two or three tone of voice characteristics that reflect those values and the personality you want them to convey.

3) Conduct a content audit.

Look at the content and promotions your company has already created and try to identify the tone of voice. Is it in keeping with the characteristics you've chosen to support your brand's values? Is it consistent across platforms and target audiences?

4) Create a style guide — and stick to it.

Once you’ve developed and refined your tone of voice, it’s vital to make sure that tone is used consistently in all forms of written communication across all platforms.

5) Communicate, communicate, and, oh, by the way, communicate.

There can be many different people writing on behalf of a company. Creating content is not always limited to the marketing department. Be sure you have communicated to everyone within the company what your tone of voice is. You might even consider having content contributors do a test run to make sure your company’s tone can be readily identified in the pieces they create.

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