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More than just words: the power of copywriting

More than just words: the power of copywriting
Author: Alicia Gartrell - Strategic Content Coordinator
Written On: July 21, 2017
Category: Content Creation

Just like advertising is to marketing, copywriting is to content. Both are complimentary key components to each other’s success. Unfortunately, copywriting’s importance is often overlooked.

In reality, copywriting is more than just words. Copywriting is an art to strategically deliver written or spoken words to get your audience to take action. And everyone knows, actions lead to sales.

So how can you sway your audience in the direction that you want them to take without waving a red flag that a salesman is at the front door? Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your copy:

What’s in it for them?

What solutions can your products and services provide to your audience? What value are you adding to their lives? Powerful copywriting is self-interest minded and your copy should be a reflection of these answers.

Keep it clever.

Once you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention by spelling out the benefits of your products or services, how do you keep it? By creating inviting copy that is clever. Fresh and quirky copy will not only keep your audience’s attention longer, but also give your content a sense of personality. Which makes your brand more relatable and creates “goodwill” in your audience’s mind.

Inspire an action.

The most significant element of copywriting is to include what you want your audience to do. Weave a call to action in your copy to inspire your audience to take action. Want more listeners to your podcast? Direct your audience to signup for email reminders. Hoping for more traffic to your customer appreciation day? Invite them to join in your event. Do you want to sell more of a specific, trending item? Request your audience to stop by to test it out or perhaps inquire more information.

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