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Is your business tone deaf?

Is your business tone deaf?
Author: Suzanne Moore - Director of Marketing, AloNovus Corp.
Written On: May 5, 2016
Category: Branding

If you’ve ever worked up the courage to jump on a stage, grab a microphone, read lyrics on a screen and then try to match the sound of your voice as closely as possible to a song’s original artist, then you understand how karaoke works.

If your warbled tune was met with more jeers than cheers, you might also understand how being tone deaf works.

Business owners can sometimes have the perfect stage set from which to perform for their audience of clients, but the way they deliver their message is a little out of key — and their tone is met with more jeers than cheers.

When you and your clients are in perfect harmony, they’ll remain your biggest supporters. But when you aren’t, that fickle fan base isn’t likely to stick around for an encore.

So the question is: Is your business tone deaf?

And what that really means is, do you understand how to speak to your customers in a manner they can identify with time and again? Is your language consistent, whether written in an email, a brochure or on social media? Do your logo colors accurately reflect your line of products/services? Can your customer relate to the images used in your marketing efforts?

If your job is to sell delivered flowers to people who live, work and love in your hometown, but your message doesn’t inspire them to feel connected to that sentimental side within, how can you hope to stay in business?

Tone of voice, or how a company communicates, is key.

Establishing a consistent “tone” helps you to distinguish yourself from your competitors; it reinforces your brand’s unique personality; and it connects you to your customers in a way they can immediately recognize.

It’s about color choices, word choices, art choices and sentence choices — all the same, all the time.

One consistent voice is spread across every channel through which your business operates, helping to build a strong brand. And the stronger your brand, the bigger the audience you’ll play to.

So how can you be sure your businesses is pitch-perfect? By working with a team of strategists who understand how to help you set the right tone.

To find out more about how the talented marketing strategy team at AloNovus can help your business make its mark on the world, contact a Business Growth Strategist at 330-763-0250.


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