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How to create a successful web ad

How to create a successful web ad
Author: Alicia Gartrell - Strategic Content Coordinator
Written On: August 1, 2018
Category: Marketing Strategy

Anyone can launch a web ad campaign. However, if done incorrectly, you may see little return on your investment.

Here’s how to get the most ROI from your web ad campaign:

  • 1.Keep it simple – More is less when it comes to web ads. Web ads have very little room to work with, so keeping words and images to a minimum will help the target audience’s eye be drawn to what is important.
  • 2.Make your text readable – It is important to keep your font larger than 10 pt. (unless it is a disclosure you must include). At all cost, avoid cursive-like fonts in your ad. This will enhance the legibility of your message.
  • 3.Have a strong call-to-action – Include calls-to-action like “see offer details,” “view inventory,” or “book now for 20% OFF,” to give your audience incentive to click on your ad.
  • 4.Showcase value or offering – Copy that focuses on the value or offering should take up the most retail on your web ad.If a web user is scrolling quickly through a web page, you want the value to stand out and stick.
  • 5.Direct to a landing page specific to your offering – Your ad should click-through to a page that relates to your offering. By directing traffic to the page needed, rather than a general homepage, your audience will have the information they are seeking immediately.
  • 6.Do not direct your audience to call – Avoid calls-to-action such as “call now” and ditch listing a phone number on the ad. This will sabotage your campaign and skew your results.


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