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Email Marketing: Reaching Your Audience

Email Marketing: Reaching Your Audience
Author: Alicia Gartrell - Strategic Content Coordinator
Written On: September 20, 2016
Category: Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is the practice of targeting consumers via email en masse in order to reach a group of prospects, potential customers, or already loyal customers. By marketing through email, your business can reach an unlimited number of people quickly and easily, for not very much money. The ROI of email marketing can be very high, but many businesses don't utilize this powerful marketing tool.

If email marketing is so effective, why aren't more people using it?

Many large businesses have taken advantage of email marketing. Just look at your inbox- how many emails are from people you personally know? But have you considered email marketing for your small business? You're probably thinking one (or both) of two things:

1) That sounds complicated. I don't know that I'm "tech savvy" enough to put something like that together.

2) Sounds like it takes time. I only have a few employees, and my time is already maxed out running my business. How am I supposed to find time to create and send emails?

These are common thoughts, but certainly not unconquerable challenges to business owners. Luckily, most email marketing platforms (including our Bluefoot Email Marketing System) are extremely user-friendly. Requiring no knowledge of coding, users can utilize drag-and-drop templates to create professional, engaging emails with little effort in just minutes.

Plan Ahead

Another advantage to using email marketing is that emails can be scheduled, allowing you to set up your email campaign ahead of time. By doing this, you can schedule your emails to go out before big sales, upcoming events, or serve as customer reminders all at once. Not only can email marketing provide a persuasive argument for your business, it creates top-of-mind awareness to your targeted audience.

Measurable Results

Unlike traditional mail, email marketing allows you to see statistics. This includes: how many emails were opened and by whom, how many people clicked on links in the email, and many more useful insights. Using these analytics, you can determine what content works best with your specific audience. The more you engage with your customers via email marketing, the more effective your email campaigns will become over time.

To learn more about email marketing, or ways your business can connect with the marketplace, contact a Business Growth Strategist at 330-763-0250.


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