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Content Really IS King

Content Really IS King
Author: Jim Marshall - President, Bluefoot
Written On: July 3, 2015
Category: Web Development

The first step in marketing yourself digitally always needs to begin with content and a strategic message. What makes you different from every other organization? In today's digital world, most people are not willing to spend the time to discover this. What consumers really want is the ability to watch short videos to see and hear your story. Every organization is unique, but through video you can portray who you are, what makes your business unique, and why someone should use your brand's product or service.

That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on videos and photography, and include both in all of our website solutions. We won’t build a website without good content. We can give you one of the easiest to use website solutions there is, but if you don’t have a strategic plan and fresh content to put on the site it won’t do you any good. Even more important than just content is your ability to get your message and that content in front of more potential customers. Companies will often pitch expensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) packages and claim the sole solution is to pay them a lot of money to optimize your site to rank in Google. The funny thing about that mentality is that Google will tell you there is one simple thing you can do to your site to rank higher and for them to send you more traffic. “Continuously update your site, create compelling content that people want to see or watch, and Google will send traffic to you".

So the best SEO you can do for your site is simply keep it up to date. That is a story that most people aren't telling, but it's one that will help take your digital presence to the next level.

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