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Branding 201: Sell that steak!

Branding 201: Sell that steak!
Author: Suzanne Moore - Director of Marketing, AloNovus Corp.
Written On: April 14, 2016
Category: Branding

You did it! You stripped away the layers you thought represented your business and spent some quality time with your marketing partners digging into the “who” and “what” your company really is. All of that hard work has paid off, and now your business’ glorious new mark, sign, logo and/or support materials have been stamped on all of your “cows,” deliciously representing your distinct brand of beef.

So now what?

Well, partner, your work has only just begun.

See, it’s not enough to label the cow that is your businesses products and services, marking them clearly as your own. In order to cash in, you have to take your steer to market.

But which market? Digital media? Print? Radio? Television? Do your customers come to you? Do you go to them?

Once you’ve defined your brand, getting the word out is the second layer of your branding strategy. Here are some proven tips to be successful:

1) Put your new logo and branded materials everywhere. Your marketing team or marketing partners should determine the appropriate channels through which your brand is seen and heard.

2) Write down your new brand messaging and make sure your employees understand the key elements you want to communicate about your business.

3) Integrate your brand. The “who” and “what” your company represents should permeate every aspect of your business culture, from how you answer your phones to what your salespeople wear on sales calls to how your email signature looks. Everything your business touches should leave your branding fingerprint.

4) Create a “voice” for your company that reflects your brand. That voice, or tone, should be incorporated into all forms of communication. Youthful, fun and carefree? Take a lighter tone on social media. Buttoned up and strictly business? Train your receptionist to answer the phones like she’s working the desk at the White House. How you “say” what you have to say is crucial to boosting your brand.

5) Develop a tagline, but don’t poach a quote from Mother Theresa or some other notable source. Your tagline should be unique to you…meaningful, concise and something that captures the essence of “who” your company really is.

6) Design a standardized template for all of your marketing materials — and then make sure everyone uses it. It’s not going to do you any good if Jean in purchasing is using the old letterhead while Bob in accounting is sending out the new stuff.

7) Stay true to your brand. If your brand is fun and carefree, be fun and carefree — no matter what.

8) Consistency is key. It’s how you deliver on the promise of the brand, and how you keep customers coming back. If you are consistent, people will trust you. Mix it up and they’ll go elsewhere.

Now that you have the right tools in place, it’s time to get out there and sell that steak.

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