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Batman vs. Superman: Establishing your business marketing position

Batman vs. Superman: Establishing your business marketing position
Author: Alicia Gartrell - Strategic Content Coordinator
Written On: July 28, 2016
Category: Marketing Strategy

Everyone knows there’s a huge difference between Batman and Superman. Sure, both are superheroes that triumph over evil. Both wear costumes that differentiate one from the other. But each has harnessed a brand of power that determines which niche in the battle against the bad guys they will fill.

Is your company Batman or Superman?

See, in order to establish your business’ hierarchy in the marketplace, you’ve got to establish the value of what you’re selling.

Your brand’s “costume,” or logo, mark, icon or slogan, are features of your brand. They’re tools that help consumers identify your brand, but they aren’t THE brand.

A brand is the customer’s impression about your product or service, and even your company. This feeling comes from how you position your brand. It’s the personality of the product or service.

So if, for example, you decide to be Batman, your customers should be able to distinguish your brand from the Superman's of the world.

Here are some ways to set your business apart:

1) Be first. Being first to present a new idea is better than having to convince consumers that you have a better product than the one that actually got to the marketplace first.

2) Attribute. Your brand should have its own distinctive characteristic or feature. Batman can’t be Superman, and vice versa.

3) Leadership. This is the most powerful way to position a brand — and triumph in your category.

4) Heritage. Heritage and trust work together. Keeping your promise over time builds trust.

5) The Specialist. Consumers are impressed with brands that concentrate or focus on a specific activity or product.

6) Preference. People look for proof that your brand is better, whether through social media or testimonials.

7) Low and High Price. Low price is a positioning idea, but high price can also be a position.

8) Being the Latest and Hottest. You know if you are.

The fundamental principle of positioning is that a brand can stand for only one thing in your customer’s mind.

Superman is the hunk who captivated Lois Lane. Batman is the dark knight living in the shadows. But in order to succeed in the eyes of their “consumers,” they both have to continually save the world.

In other words, it’s not enough to be better. You just should be. However the way you go about it needs to be different from your competitors.

To make your marketing position really stand out, you need to create a positioning statement for your company describing how your products and services differ from those offered by the competition. Then you need to test your statement until it speaks directly to your customers’ wants and needs.

Finally, you need to use your positioning statement (“I am…Batman,” for example) in every piece written communication and create marketing materials that support your position.

By following the steps toward proper brand positioning, the super powers promoted by your business will most certainly stand out.

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