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5 ways to stand out from the holiday advertising noise

5 ways to stand out from the holiday advertising noise
Author: Alicia Gartrell - Strategic Content Coordinator
Written On: November 12, 2018
Category: Marketing Strategy

It’s the most wonderful time… to stand out. As shopping increases, so does advertising. Here are some creative tips to get noticed and set yourself apart from the holiday advertising noise.

1. Giveaways

Consider small giveaways like “Twelve Days of Christmas,” up until Christmas in return for social media post shares. During a time when everyone seems to be pinching their pennies, your audience is more likely to share your post. Having others share your post is a great way to get your message out beyond your general reach at little cost to you.

2. Channel your inner Martha Stewart

Creating tips and tricks and sharing them in print advertising or social media posts, is an excellent way to offer value to your customers that will not only “stick” with them, but is also highly shareable. If you are a bulk foods store, try sharing some savory Holiday recipes. If you’re a winery, try providing wine pairing tips that go with the standard spread of holiday meals.

3. Highlight your best asset—your people

Consider sharing photos of your employees with season’s greetings. This will connect your brand on a personal level and is a breath of fresh air next to the standard holiday sale gimmicks.

4. Gift lists

Even Santa needs a little help every now and again. Try presenting your products or services in a top 10 list. By offering a “Top gift picks for her” list, you will catch your audience’s eye and highlight specific goods or services in a clean and concise format.

5. Spread the joy

Offering a canned good donation box for the local food pantry can drive traffic to your store’s location and give back to your local community all at once. This is a great strategy to those wanting to reach Millennials, which according to Forbes prefer companies that give to charity.

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